Tapan Maharishi

Principal Tapan Dharnidhar Consultants LLP

In this generation of social media handles, following trends and cut-throat competition to have maximum visibility, it is indeed rare to find people who do not use social media to run their business. But then again, for someone who does not wish to ‘run a business’, it is not surprising that he never uses WhatsApp. AR Tapan Maharishi is indeed an inspiration for aspiring architects who is a fourth generation student of Vastu Shastra and is successfully running his own Architecture & Interior Design firm since 2014.

Abhik Roy

Abhik Roy Co-Founder & Director – Operations Acorp Consultants

Leading By Being the Change, The Change He Wishes to See in Architecture Many people hope for a change in their lives and their work life, very few people work towards it. Abhik Roy firmly believes that if you want to see a change, then be the change.

Abhik Roy is the Co-Founder and Director – Operations at Acorp Consultants which is a workplace interior design and build firm, he has rich experience in Corporate Interior Design, Project Management and Consultancy in Corporate Real Estate, Workplace Interior Design and Fit Out Industry across the country.


KARTHICK Co-Founder Studio Masons

Karthick has a vast experience in working in the industry and is a proponent of collaborative working, starting at the unskilled labor level and going up all the stakeholders. He things, the smallest and the most critical unit of a successful project is the unskilled labour and having a happy and a content workforce is half the battle won


Ashish Sachdev

Founder & Principal Architect-ADEelite Design Consultants Pvt Ltd

In this industry, professionals have experienced the industry in a big way. At times, their experiences aren’t traveling to others in the industry that can solve many problems that many people face. Best Creators was born with the intention to bring in the best creators, architects, builders, turnkey contractors, designers and suppliers to share their experiences, philosophies and challenges that has helped them grow in the industry.

Mitul Shukla

Principal Architect – Mass & Void Architects

Mitul completed his degree in architecture from Baroda, Gujarat. He then worked as an associate at a leading architect in West Bengal. He started his own organisation known as Mass & Void architects through which they began working on different types of projects which include bungalows, high-end bungalows, residential projects, mass housing, town planning, hotels, schools, hospitals, high-end commercial projects, malls and they have been working in Kolkata, Nepal, Siliguri and surrounding areas of West Bengal.

Zainab Mukadam

Director – Design|Workplace Strategist-Concept Consilio India Pvt Ltd

Zainab is an architect specialised in the corporate industry, she is workplace strategist and is also the director of design at Concept Consilio India Pvt. Ltd. Apart from being an architect, she feels she is an aspiring poet and a writer, is a dreamer, she loves to read, loves literature and poetry, loves painting and feels words are her tools. Zainab grew up in many countries during her formative years, she feels this has made her more adaptable. Since we are going global and interact with many people, due to her formative training, she can relate to other cultural identities and accept them too. Zainab feels that Architecture is not just about design, it is an all-encompassing profession, it is about business, communication, interaction, knowledge, up skilling, exposure, technology, sustainability and so on.

Ar. Madhu Garg

C.E.O | Architect, Creative Consortium

Founded in 1990 by Ar. Madhu Garg, C.E.O, Creative Consortium started as a modest two employee firm. Working tirelessly with commitment, dedication and hard work towards delivering functional and aesthetically pleasing design outcomes, for the past 30 years, the firm has grown multiple folds and is recognized for its Pan-India multi-crore projects spanning a vast array of typologies like Residential, Institute campus design, Corporate offices, Hospitals, Commercial, Educational, Retail and Civic designs.

Kunal Bhattacharya

Principal Healthcare Planning and Design, RJB Architects

Getting real and getting an insider view on Healthcare Architectural Designs with Kunal Bhattacharya

When we talk about buildings and designs, we often get to hear that an architect has his or her signature style which defines their style of work. Kunal Bhattacharya debunks the theory of “signature style” in the field of architecture and shares his views on healthcare architecture which are indeed profound. Kunal’s love for language and literature is evident in the thoughts shared by him.

Anita Yadgiri

Associate Director – The Canvas 

Anita Yadagiri is a pioneering force in the world of design shares her thoughts on beautiful world of design, which are profound. She was born and brought up in tier 2 city, Hubli and completed her studies from KLE College, and she did her MBA from NIRM. She began teaching for the first three years of her career. She relocated to Bangalore in 2005 and began working for DSP. Anita also has attended a professional course from IIMB, where she has gained her management skills.


Principal Architect – GMG Architecture 

Gaurav Mathur graduated from IIT Roorkee in 2003, and he learned a lot during his 19 to 20-year journey. He has held numerous leadership positions in various companies. He has led teams ranging from four to five people to 15 and even 20 people. In terms of design, he has been creatively involved in a variety of large-scale projects such as five-star hotels, hospitals, and residential developments.

This has enabled him as an individual to like have a holistic idea of what should be there in terms of materials, space planning and relevance of certain designs and practicality aspects and the maintenance aspects.  He has been through those kinds of buildings where the operations are very important, like the hotel buildings or the hospital buildings.

Kirthana Shetty

Principal Architect & Managing Partner- SPACE N FORM

Kirthana Shetty, an expert in the field of architecture, received her Bachelor of Architecture degree from UVCE (University Vishveshwaraiah College of Engineering), Bangalore University. She was talented in art (painting and drawing) and on the advice of her teachers, she pursued a career in architecture though she was absolutely clueless about the field. But during the course itself she realized that she had made the right decision, and that realization only grew stronger as she began working and practicing. She completed her academic internship at Mistry Architects. That’s where she got interested in residential architecture.

Roopakala D S

Architect and Proprietor – RR Architects and Associates

After architecture school, the internship period is when you face the music of your learning. I had chosen to work at a small organisation when it was still drawing on paper. Then was fascinated by high rise development in the city which made me move to large organisation where I got immense exposure to various kinds of projects. With the encouragement of the people in the organisation I was handling all high-profile clients and projects. Then there was no turning back when it came to starting my own practise, which has now been 9 years.


Managing Director-Maple Engg-Design Services (India) Pvt Limited

B.S. Aswathnarayan, fondly known as B.S.A. Narayan graduated in civil engineering in 1975. He comes from Bargur, a small village near Bengaluru. That is how he got the name Bargur Sundara Rao Aswathnarayan. He is from a big family of 12 siblings from his parents. Since he was from a big family and struggled hard during his college days.  He graduated in Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.), Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics as his core subject in the year 1969.  He was inspired by his paternal uncle from childhood, who was an executive engineer those days and retired as a superintendent engineer. His uncle’s works impressed and inspired him, so he decided to study engineering. He joined engineering in National Institute of Engineering. (NIE) Mysore, and graduated in civil engineering (B.E) in the year 1975.


Director, M Moser Associates

Reema Bhandari, Director of M Moser Associates, has completed 12+ years in the industry. She had graduated with an Architectural degree from Chandigarh. She comes from a family which was already established in the Construction industry. However, she decided to take a risk in establishing herself as an Architect and gain experience with global organizations, and explore her own identity.
Her father inspired her to take up Architecture and she worked with her father on multiple Architectural and Interior projects during her college days which helped her gain first practical experience, as an Architect.


Proprietor, Rupande Shah & Associates 

Architecture was not well advanced three decades ago, and it was generally not considered a career prospect for women. However, Rupande Shah not only worked as an architect during that time but also made it a point to educate her clients about architecture, especially those who were unaware of it. Her designs are minimalistic, and she believes in keeping them client-centric.

Rupande Shah says that her journey as an architect has been a memorable one. She is a trained architect from the Academy of Architecture, Mumbai, after which she worked in Mumbai as an architect. Then, she went on to pursue her Masters in Architecture from Pratt Institute, New York. She was a part of a project in New York that focused on building homes for the homeless.Rupande credits her contemporary style to her formative years of studying in the US. Due to this interesting combination in her educational background, she has always aimed to give a contemporary look with an Indian blend to her designs.


Founder Partner at DesignICON Architects

Sandeep Sharma is a 1995 graduate and he has been practicing for almost 30 years, out of which he was in the job for almost eight to nine years. Then Sandeep started his practice under the banner of DesignICON Architects as a Founder and Partner with his friend and partner Subash Menon and till now they have been together working in this industry for close to 20 years of hands of experience in the field of Architecture Planning and Interior Design in DesignICON Architects. He started working with healthcare projects and we have worked for Fortis healthcare extensively.
The Best Creators (TBC) connected with Mr. Sandeep Sharma to share experience as he has come a long way with a lot of different project handling, challenges, and learnings. So, which should be available for the people who are upcoming in the industry. So, by reading this blog, newcomers can understand things from experiences of people like Sandeep Sharma and it will be a guiding light for them

Neeta Khanapure

Managing Director, Aetrio Architects Private Limited

Neeta’s journey from designing buildings and residences in Delhi to delving into corporate interiors in Bangalore sounds like a fascinating transition. It’s intriguing how she found her passion in corporate interiors and became so deeply engaged in that niche. The shift from residential to corporate design must have offered her a whole new set of challenges and opportunities for creativity. It seems like she found her true calling in creating spaces that inspire productivity and reflect the ethos of various businesses. I wonder what specific aspects of corporate interiors drew her in the most? Was it the collaborative nature of the work, the opportunity to blend functionality with aesthetics, or perhaps something else entirely?
Neeta’s dedication to staying current with evolving trends and technology in corporate interiors is truly commendable. It’s remarkable how she embraced change and continued to adapt over the course of her 20 plus year journey in the field. The fact that she still finds excitement and motivation to explore new possibilities speaks volumes about her passion for her work.