Jayant Sachdeva

Managing Director – Credence Gate India Private Limited

To know more about the people behind the beautiful industry of architecture and design, the set of question were asked to Jayant Sachdeva, the founder of leading Delhi/Bangalore based firm Credancegate. In a freewheeling interview with best creators, he has graced us with his valuable knowledge by sharing highlights of his professional journey.  As an expert in the field of Architecture & Interior Design Industry, he shared some of his philosophy and the challenges that he faced in project design and execution.  He was associated with Credancegate since 2012.

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Pankaj Shrouti

Associate General Manager- Projects (Head- North Region) Swati Interiors Pvt. Ltd 

Best creator is a platform created with the intention to connect with all the top creators, architects, builders, turnkey contractors, consultants and suppliers to share their experience, philosophies and challenges. As a part of our interview series, we had pleasure of interviewing Mr. Pankaj Shrouti, an expert in the field of project management, procurement and design/ execution. In this interview, he shared about his journey towards building a successful career in the field of project management, contracts administration, site- execution and procurement.

Sahil Chopra

Procurement Head – Ultraconfidentiel 

Sahil, an expert in the field of architecture, has been a part of the industry for over 15 years. He has extensive experience in all aspects of the industry, from interior design to project coordination, project management, billing managers, and ring attendance. He is now in charge of procurement in a French-owned company. His experiences and lessons taught him how to achieve the goal.

When asked about his life’s top philosophy, he responded enthusiastically that hardworking people are no longer in demand in any industry. They want smart workers. If you are given a task, there is a way to complete it. You must figure out how to do the task more gently and more quickly.

Prakash Subramani

Head of Design and Build Projects-RSP Build Projects Pvt. Ltd.

In his initial days, Prakash Subramani, Head of Design and Build Projects at RSP Build Projects Pvt. Ltd. and his team started working as a corporate client who did only interior fitting projects; he did not explore further in order to avoid commercial risks, contractual execution and pay cuts or delayed payments.

Talking about his background and how he stepped into architecture, Mr. Subramani reminisces being born and raised in Bangalore, where he faced his fair share of hardships while growing up. His father was a professional in construction work, and having quite the experience in the industry, felt that Prakash would not have a bright future in the same field. He, therefore, encouraged his son to pursue his studies in civil engineering and eventually, start his architecture firm.