“The Best Creators” is an exclusive platform to showcase the distinctive experiences of the best architects & interior designers, best turnkey contractors and best builders.

Dev Maloo


I am Dev, an entrepreneur by heart and editor of THE BEST CREATORS to showcase the distinctive experiences of the best creators of the building industry. To begin, I have been selling building materials as an entrepreneur for the past 18 years. And one thing I realised as a result of this experience is that there is a huge bank of people’s experiences or learnings in this industry, and there are many experiences of the creators that have given them a lot of learnings, which they have worked hard to learn over the years, but other people in the industry are unable to learn those learnings because there is no platform where people can share their learnings. So, with the goal of empowering creators and aspiring creators through the insights of the best creators in the industry, we decided to create “The Best Creators,” a blogsite dedicated to bringing.

The Best Creators in the building material industry, such as the best architects builders, consultants, and turnkey contractors, together on a common platform to share their experiences and philosophies with the rest of the world. This was also our way of giving back to the industry in which we had spent over two decades.


I was always dedicated and proficient in practically all activities from childhood, whether it was schoolwork, athletics, or leadership activities, and this competence has now established me as an entrepreneur. I’ve always been a keen observer and student, with a drive to accomplish something new and different, and the same is true for the things I deal with, which are New, Creative and Sustainable. People always saw me to be more mature than my age, and this continued throughout my life as a result of the lessons I learned via experiences and various types of trainings and coaching that I underwent. I practice spirituality, participate in sports, am continually learning new things, and have a creative approach to challenges. My success mantra has always been to work in depth and with focus, as well as to be a strategic long-term thinker.


The purpose of this platform is to help the industry members learn how the BEST CREATORS think, and bring their experiences and ideas on a single platform. Also, this platform will help the aspiring architects, contractors and builders, learn from the experiences of the BEST CREATORS and define their journey in this industry with best insights.

“The Best Creators” will have experiences and ideas from the best minds of the industry and will have a mix of creative ideas, lifestyle concepts and leadership insights.


To bring the BEST CREATORS of the building material industry on a common platform and share their experiences with the World.


EMPOWER the creators from INSIGHTS of the BEST CREATORS