Prof. Charanjit Singh Shah

Founding Principal-Creative Group

The following excerpt is the recollection from an exclusive interview with industry pioneering force and architect Professor Charanjit Singh Shah, who shares his experience of over 50 years in the field of building and sustainable architecture.

Professor Charanjit Singh Shah has a 50-year architecture practice legacy since 1970. He was practically born in a refugee camp in Purana Qila. His family migrated from a part of India that is now called Pakistan. His journey was such that his parents came barefoot to this beautiful land. He was born in the refugee camp and slowly studied his way to get into architecture. At the start of it, he recalls that his parents thought civil engineering was a good idea. He mentioned that he didn’t have any particular passion for architecture.



Co-Founder & Director-Urban Frame (Space Matrix Group Company)

Anup Naik is a pioneering force in the world of architecture. Bringing design and design practice into perspective, this article is a recall of an interview conducted by the Best Creators. The entire conversation has been broken down into comprehendible portions loaded with information, that everybody in the fraternity, from all walks of life can surely benefit from.

To explore the people behind this wonderful industry, a set of questions were asked to the Anup, the Founder Director of Urban Frame Pvt Ltd.The pointers recorded were an eye-opening experience intended to be shared with the fraternity, to learn and grow from each other’s experiences Anup expressed the ever-evolving nature of thought, in an industry that is driven by the creative.

Sabina Reddy

Director – M Moser Associates

Sabina Reddy, an architect with a decorated career at the forefront of innovation in this industry. She graced us with valuable knowledge and insights into her career that have defined the modern landscape of architecture in India. She started her practice in Delhi, where she worked for a year and then moved abroad to gain more exposure. She was brought up in Delhi, and her parents shifted to Hyderabad where she began to explore her inspiration to become an architect.
She joined a company in Bombay during the early stages of her career, and began working on corporate interiors. A company called RSP took notice of her efforts and got her onboard. She spent ten years evolving with the trends and designs of architecture in various parts of the country. She later joined Moser, as an experienced architect who helped set up their South India office and got into the flow of embracing true leadership.As we exchanged ideas, Sabina shared some powerful messages for the fraternity and we delved into

Vijaya Bhargav

Vijaya bhargav is a founding partner of Bangalore based design firm Ostraca and has over 25 years of experience in the field of design and architecture, In a freewheeling interview with Best Creators, she shared highlights of her professional journey and her mantra for success. She also offered practical insights, incisive ideas and actionable pointers that serve as a toolkit while designing solutions for clients’ requirements.

At the start of my career, I focused on residential architecture, hospitality architecture and so on. While designing an office building for a software company, we were asked for suggestions on the interiors. The client liked our design ideas and our interactions with their team and offered us our first

Vistasp Bhagwagar

Principal Architect – Architect Vistasp & Associates

Vistasp Bhagwagar’s some insightful projections about the nature of Architecture in the 21st century, and how varying influences have evolved in the field of building and design. With over 25 years of experience, Vistasp Bhagwagar’s journey has been of an overachieving schoolboy who did everything in school the right way. From his words, we learned a lot about the ambitious force in the field of architecture that he is.
He used to enjoy drawing, painting caricature, winning painting competitions, school newspaper, and a lot of creative things at an early age. It was very natural that he was good at drawing and thus wanted to get into design. So, he got into 3 schools of architecture, finally settling into the School of Planning and Architecture in Delhi in 1987. He came last in the exam because there were limited seats. But, when he finished after 5 years he was awarded two gold medals and was the topper in the whole batch.That’s the story of his undergrad, after which Vistasp moved to the UK and acquired a master’s in Urban Design

Sanjay Gulati

As the Managing Director of Gensler’s Bangalore office, Sanjay Gulati leads the core effort in building the company’s business portfolio in India. With extensive industry experience spanning over 31 years as an Architect, consultant, designer, and project manager on varied projects and across industries, his contributions to the field are truly significant. He reveals that his journey as an architect was not by choice, owing to limited career options available to young people to explore in those days. Being a bright student in school, he chose to pursue the sciences and had no knowledge about what the field of architecture had to offer; his foray into the industry was purely coincidental, he admits. After committing to his various roles throughout the years, however, he realized the potential and immense value he could add and consequently emerged as one of the most respected and influential contributors in the design fraternity today.


Managing Partner – Beyond Design Architects & Consultants

Architecture is an art, a carefully curated craft. The years of experience and practice enable the designers the ability to craft and balance the client requirements meticulously with great quality. The story of Alhad Gore is a true inspiration for the design world. With 29 years of expertise, he has traversed through different routes to explore more phases of architecture. His journey was not an easy one but a great source of motivation that led to this narration.

He is a person who always believed in being humble, hardworking and honest. He says that if these three things are followed, everything else will fall into place. And having a mind with a clear vision, an attitude to work hard and the confidence to take decisions can never stop a person from success. A defining moment is such a time in one’s life when you have to make a significant choice that can alter your life and your perceptions. These experiences not only shape who we are, but they also change the way we see the world and behave. Alhad quoted that the defining moment of his career was when he decided to close his first consultancy service in 1999. Read to discover his architectural career path.

Lionel Vijay Dsouza

Vijay Dsouza, expert in the field of architecture and design. His industry experiences have been condensed in this blog in an effort to impart wisdom and learning to the entire fraternity. We asked him a series of questions to learn more about the people behind this amazing industry. He shared invaluable knowledge and insights into his profession with us, which helped shape India’s current architectural scene.

He has graced us with his valuable knowledge by sharing highlights of his professional journey in a freewheeling interview with Best Creators. He shared some of his philosophy and challenges as an expert in the Architecture and Interior Design Industry. Vijay used to play sports to stay in shape and loves playing badminton and squash to keep himself fit and sharp. He also enjoys cycling and reading to keep up with what is going on in the world.

Dr Dinesh Verma

Founding Partner, Principal Architect & Managing Director, ACE Group Architects [P] Ltd. 

“Sharing is so much more important than just absorbing.”- Dr Dinesh Verma

Dinesh is one of the experts in the field of architecture and interior designing, having numerous experiences in terms of projects and years. His philosophies, thoughts and experiences are unparalleled. He is one hallmark in the industry, and his experience in the field makes a difference to the people on how they think, work and behave. He graduated in Architecture from Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology, Nagpur and took a Master’s in Industrial Design from the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay in 1982.


Partner, Design Accord Consultants

Vipul Singh, CEO of Design Accord Consultants, passed from SPA Delhi in 1998 with a master’s degree in product design. After that, he worked briefly for 2.5 years with Noted Designer, MR. Kedar in 2001, this Vipul partnered with Madhup Mazumder, Design Accord Consultants and successfully designed many projects including Hotels, Resort, and Malls. hospitals, institutions, and now airports in different parts of our country. He has worked on various international projects including South East Asian and Middle East countries.

This complete information is from an interview of The Best Creator (TBC) with Vipul Singh as TBC took an initiative to approach leading personalities of the architectural industry and collaborate with them to share their valuable thoughts which can enlighten the coming youth generation into the architectural field.


Co-Founder & Director| Healthcare and Institutional Design Consultant
Renascent Consultants

In the world of the architectural industry, women are making significant strides, breaking barriers, and reshaping the built environment. In this exclusive interview of TBC with Parul Agarwal, a visionary Healthcare and Institutional Design Consultant whose innovative designs and dedication to her craft have earned her recognition and respect in the industry. Join us as we delve into her journey, creative process, and insights on the evolving role as her valuable insights will help newcomers to gain knowledge in many senses.

Parul Agarwal’s journey was also like some other people, without a godfather. It was full of struggle in the beginning for a few years, then she started her firm Renascent Consultants in partnership with her husband Varun Agarwal , Mr Bakul Chandra & Mr Dushyant.

Sonali Bhagwati

Founding Partners DPA

In a world where success is often measured by achievements, Sonali Bhagwati stands out as a beacon of inspiration. She has not only witnessed but also actively shaped the evolution of design and architecture with over 40 years of experience in the field.As partners at DPA, Delhi, she has led by example, demonstrating a relentless pursuit of excellence and a deep-rooted passion for creativity.

Sonali’s journey is a testament to the power of perseverance and vision. She has navigated through challenges with grace and determination from humble beginnings to the pinnacle of success.In this exclusive interview with The best creators, Sonali Bhagwati shares her experience, her journey, the lessons learned, and the secrets to her success for offering a glimpse into the dynamic world of design. Her story is not just about design; it’s about resilience, innovation, and the courage to pursue one’s dreams.

Gurpreet Shah

Principal Architect and Urban designer at Creative Group LLP New Delhi 

Gurpreet Shah, a distinguished Principal Architect and Urban Designer at Creative Group LLP, is one such luminary whose work has redefined the architectural design with a career spanning over decades.Mr. Shah has not only shaped physical spaces but has also influenced the way we perceive and interact with our environment. His projects seamlessly blend functionality with aesthetics, creating spaces that are not only visually stunning but also deeply meaningful.

He believes in creating spaces that not only serve the needs of today but also anticipate the challenges of tomorrow. His vision has earned him accolades and admiration from peers and professionals alike.In this editorial, ‘The Best Creators’ explored his design philosophy, his innovative approach to urban planning, and his vision for the future of architecture. Join us as we uncover the brilliance of a visionary architect whose work continues to shape the world around us.