Raj Pillai

Chief Technology Officer – JMC Projects

“Taking care of every employee’s emotional and physical health is one of the crucial duties of a great leader.”, says Raj Pillai from JMC Projects.

Raj Pillai, Chief Technology Officer at JMC Projects, faced a lot of pressure from his parents as a young boy to study computer engineering. Raj was a meritorious student — he had two offers from prominent universities in India, IIT Delhi and BIT Bangalore. He followed the will of his dad and chose to study computer science at BIT Bangalore. Raj had a keen interest in material engineering and thus, he proposed an offer to his friend to exchange their courses. This is how he made a shift in careers .and became what he is today.

Ashok Kularia

Managing Director – ANJ Group (Interview PART-1)

Ashok is an experienced Managing Director of ANJ Group with a demonstrated history of working in the architecture and planning industry. He is a strong business development professional skilled in negotiation, construction, management, business development and contract negotiation. Though Ashok pursued an engineering degree in electronics, he was never inclined towards it to continue his career in it. He was more inclined towards his family business and always curious to know what his father was doing. He used to visit his office, observe him. His father has been into the business since late 70s, so this was a big platform for Ashok. He rightly puts it that, the station was ready, the tracks were laid, he had to drive the train on it! Driving the train is not easy too and he has put a lot of efforts into it ever since he joined the family business. He explored the area of design and build which their business was not into earlier, few clients also gave opportunity and the diversification was successful and their business grew well. He also took their business overseas and established a design studio in Hong Kong. They have set up a huge factory for the furniture work which is the largest in the country. They are into design, build, design and build projects in the commercial, hospitality and residential sector.