Mitul Shukla

Principal Architect – Mass & Void Architects (Interview PART-1)

Working on modern designs while caring for the environment with Mitul Shukla

Mitul’s main philosophy has been towards working on modern designs, at the same time he believes in contributing towards saving the environment and utilising local resources.

Mitul completed his degree in architecture from Baroda, Gujarat. He then worked as an associate at a leading architect in West Bengal. He started his own organisation known as Mass & Void architects through which they began working on different types of projects which include bungalows, high-end bungalows, residential projects, mass housing, town planning, hotels, schools, hospitals, high-end commercial projects, malls and they have been working in Kolkata, Nepal, Siliguri and surrounding areas of West Bengal.


Mitul received an award from CNBC from CREDAI, West Bengal as an ‘upcoming architect’ for one of his projects which was based on low-cost housing project.

Learning and growing

Mitul says that learning is at every stage, college life is different from real working field. The background or the knowledge gained will still be useful while working in the field. The way of working of real estate in India is totally different than the architecture of other typical countries. It is totally driven by the real estate players and their requirements. After completing many projects and reaching at a certain level, they have now been designing buildings on their own, based on the aspiration of the design and by using quality products. The journey has not been easy in the initial stages, but as they grew, understood the reality, understood the market, they have been working in a better way. They are now at that stage where the projects are designed and owned by them. They are proud about the same, also that they are not guided by any builder or any other real estate player.

Software learning is a major challenge

In their case, design wise knowledge is great. Architects use many software to function well, they have to learn new tools, new software which are available in the market. It helps the architecture to grow in a right way. Software knowledge is needed, hence software learning is a major challenge. He has tried to overcome this by gaining more knowledge, during college days he had to study various software. He studied various software as a trainee fresher, fresher in an organisation. He finds it amazing that they can now learn design space, use virtually meetings where clients can see too which was discovered during the pandemic.

Team is a family

Based on Mitul’s previous experiences, he has taken many initiatives in his organisation. He terms his employees as associates. His major initiative is to grow the firm together involving the associates at every stage and work as a family.

Modern design

Mitul’s designs are modern, geometrical and he uses straight lines and geometrical lines. Learning new design is always challenging, but Mitul’s motivation and goal is to work on modern designs. To be continued. >>