Studio Director, Associate- Gensler (Interview PART-1)

Some Top Philosophies by Sruthi

When asked about her philosophies as someone well-versed in the field, Sruthi responded thoughtfully, saying, “I believe the term ‘expert’ can be somewhat subjective. Nevertheless, I have gathered a wealth of experiences that enable me to develop an informed perspective on this subject.”

In her view, design functions as a channel for dialogue, sparking inquiries, offering solutions, evoking sensory pleasure, and sometimes simply enduring as a steadfast companion, much like a cherished old friend. Likewise, within the architectural domain, design assumes a multifaceted and ever-evolving role that goes beyond mere construction. It functions as a potent means of communication and interaction with both its occupants and the surrounding environment.

Our designs are meticulously created with people in mind, and although individuals have diverse preferences, their response to authenticity is frequently quite touching. A strategically placed touch of humor can elicit a smile, while depth and significance can ignite a sense of wonder. If design can nurture such atmospheres, it unquestionably fulfills its purpose with exceptional success.

Here are several ways in which architectural design serves as a conduit for conversation and beyond:

• Designs are a reflection of cultural, historical, and social values. societal values

• Design addresses practical challenges and needs, offering to present innovative solutions. 

• A well-crafted design stimulates the senses. 

• Some designs stand as timeless constants as these iconic structures remain a part of our urban fabric for generations. Certain designs remain as timeless constants, becoming integral components of our urban landscape for generations.

• Design often pushes the boundaries of creativity and innovation. 

The Right Individuals for the Task holds Immense Significance

Sruthi went on to emphasize that, in her view, having the right person for a task is paramount as it plays a central role in determining our success or failure. Understanding the core of the task, carefully considering it, revisiting the considerations, assembling a team of suitable experts, and then executing the plan – these are the fundamental steps she has applied in her professional journey, which have directly or indirectly influenced the effectiveness of her organization and her clients.

These factors hold significance because they represent the vital stages in the successful completion of a task. The first step involves comprehending the task’s essence and providing a foundational understanding. Deliberating the task meticulously entails thorough analysis, strategic thinking, and brainstorming. Revisiting this contemplation offers an opportunity to enhance ideas, and plans, identify any overlooked details or issues, and make necessary adjustments. Finally, executing the plan is the culmination, requiring a clear understanding of the task and a well-established team in place.

Every Entity Possesses a Finite Lifespan

Sruthi wishes to impart a lesson to others, emphasizing that ‘Every entity possesses a finite lifespan.’ In her view, we should value time – both its passage and the importance of our contributions during it. She went on to suggest cultivating a mindset of continuous learning. Express your ideas openly and proactively shape your world before it undergoes transformations driven by external forces.

To thrive in this constantly evolving market, it is imperative to establish a culture of continuous learning. This involves embracing a mindset of ongoing growth and advancement. When you openly share your thoughts, you promote a culture characterized by transparency, trust, and collaboration. It goes beyond mere expression; it also encompasses active listening and engaging in meaningful conversations with others. Additionally, assuming responsibility for shaping your world means acknowledging your capacity to influence your environment and make choices that align with your values and aspirations. To be continued>> 

(Interview PART-2)
Top Challenges Sruthi Faced in Project Design and Execution

Sruthi explained that based on her experience, a significant and recurring challenge in various projects is the clear communication of the underlying purpose. This challenge revolves around our capability to answer the fundamental question of “Why,” making sure that the answers are logical and aligned. Achieving this successfully often represents a crucial milestone. Nevertheless, understanding the human dimension within a project continues to be the most intricate aspect to unravel.

Every project must possess a distinct and precisely articulated purpose as it serves as the project’s motivating factor, directing choices, actions, and resource allocation. Throughout the project’s entire duration, the lucidity of this purpose shapes decision-making. When everyone comprehends the reasons behind specific decisions, they are more likely to endorse and collaborate toward a shared objective.

Striving for Perfection is Paramount

In the process of space design, the client desires to play a significant role. My task is to transform these desires into a tangible vision. A considerable part of my role revolves around forging personal connections with clients. This entails delving into their aspirations, aligning expectations, and ensuring a shared understanding. Ultimately, the objective is to harmonize our efforts and achieve results through the medium of design, she explained.

It is crucial to keep in mind that building strong client relationships requires time and effort, but the outcome in terms of successful projects and enduring partnerships is highly rewarding. By concentrating on understanding your clients, being attuned to their needs, and consistently delivering exceptional design work, you can achieve your goal of harmonizing efforts and achieving success through the power of design.

Staying Informed about Emerging Trends and Designs is a Priority for Me: Sruthi

Keeping up with the latest trends and designs is a top priority for Sruthi, and she primarily achieves this by utilizing various media platforms. She has a particular interest in specific practice areas, which motivates her to conduct comprehensive research and ensure that her knowledge remains in sync with current trends and advancements.

Sruthi formulates a customized strategy based on her specific practice areas and learning preferences. It is essential for her to consistently evaluate the effectiveness of her chosen approaches and make adjustments as necessary to stay at the forefront of her field.

More than just a Fleeting Moment, A Project that Significantly Reshaped my Perspective

Sruthi expressed that the term “concept” is frequently used excessively, extending beyond its original meaning. Nevertheless, one particular project, involving the creation of a learning center for a confidential tech client, truly stood out. Throughout this project, I could genuinely sense the concept at every stage. It nearly transformed into something tangible, reaffirming my belief in the design and execution process, and marking it as the most defining moment in my entire career.

Swift Action within the Design Sector is Imperative to Spearhead Solutions

Throughout the journey, people have consistently been the cornerstone. The key is to continually reinvent and maintain relevance. A transformative shift is on the horizon, whether it’s catalyzed by AI or hybrid work environments. This shift will encompass the ways we shape our lives, nurture the younger generation, and disseminate knowledge. Consequently, there will be a pressing need for spaces to manifest these transformations. These shifts are remarkably novel, unlike anything we have encountered thus far.

Switching to another aspect, climate change emerges as one of today’s most significant challenges. Swift action within the design sector is imperative to lead the way in finding solutions. Specifically, Gensler is actively leveraging innovative thinking and applying our problem-solving expertise to drive transformative changes across our industry, supply chains, partnerships, and broader communities.

To achieve the ambitious goals set for addressing climate change, a collective effort is necessary to rigorously assess and reshape our design methodologies. This endeavor aims to harmonize and align our practices with sustainability objectives. Given that buildings are responsible for approximately 40% of global carbon emissions, it’s evident that the design sector plays a pivotal role. Embracing an integrated approach, fostering collaborative engagement, and unwaveringly committing to the development of sustainable solutions will drive progress in the field of building design.

Be Consistently Present in Every Moment is Leadership

According to Sruthi, true leadership entails being consistently present in every moment. To anticipate needs or expectations from others, it is essential to have a deep understanding of what those needs or expectations entail, which she considers a hallmark of genuine leadership.

Sruthi also emphasized that maintaining a consistent presence at the moment and having a profound understanding of others are pivotal aspects of effective leadership. These attributes enable leaders to establish trust, make well-informed decisions, and motivate their teams to work towards shared objectives. Genuine leadership encompasses a variety of qualities and behaviors that empower individuals to lead with vision and empathy.