Roopakala D S

Architect and Proprietor – RR Architects and Associates (Interview PAR 1)

The Ride to My Career

After architecture school, the internship period is when you face the music of your learning. I had chosen to work at a small organisation when it was still drawing on paper. Then was fascinated by high rise development in the city which made me move to large organisation where I got immense exposure to various kinds of projects. With the encouragement of the people in the organisation I was handling all high-profile clients and projects. Then there was no turning back when it came to starting my own practise, which has now been 9 years.

Nature and Colours are My Inspiration

Mother nature is my inspiration always. I just look out of the window, the nature you are surrounded by, never lets you down. My designs are strongly concept driven which are inspired by the location of the site or the personality of the client or running trend in the market. Colours have always been major part of my projects. I believe colours have the power to alter your mood.

Be Open Minded

Equality among Colleagues in the office. Shared work spaces without hierarchy emphasis have worked well with managing the organisation efficiently. Guiding with the experience I have gained, has always kept us going. Open mindeess to accept and incorporate the needs of end user gains client’s confidence. Exhibiting responsibility and leadership in project progress, helps to achieve what is required and bring back the clients.

Keep Up with The Advancements Around the World

I always follow and advise youngsters to follow the latest trends, which provide knowledge of new materials and technology. As designers, we must stay up-to-date on technological advancements occurring around the world. This gives a better understanding of people, changing traditions, customs and way of living. The world of creativity revolves around new technology and learnings from history. But again, we must not stick to prototype, we should start developing and keep changing with the time as well as requirement. Travelling is the best way of learning. We get to know a lot of things while we travel to places rather than just browse about it.  You change as you travel. You accept new people, their culture and adapt to it and bring all the learnings home.

Overcome The Challenges You Face

Architectural designing is something whose output remains for a very long time. So, it is our responsibility to make client aware of the new technology and convince them to accept modern solutions. Our aim is not only dealing with the client’s expectation but to reach higher than what they expect. Making them understand the importance of adapting to latest techniques has always been challenging. Showing samples and giving examples to client helps in overcoming these challenges. It also helps them to think in broader perspective and opens up new possibilities.

Aim Higher Than What the Client Expects

Most of the clients come to us after having a background check. They expect something similar, but the difference we demonstrate in their project is what makes them happy. Our designs have comfortable large spaces with ambience. We eventually achieve the ease of useability of spaces and furniture with good aesthetics. We are constantly striving to develop new ideas that will last for the next decade. Keeping the client involved during process of designing as well as construction increases the sense of belongingness.

Capture The Information from All the Sources That Is Available

Traveling and staying consistent with technology keep me up to date on the latest architectural trends and designs. We come across many interesting, flexible and creative designs and spaces while travelling. We also get to interact with other designers by sharing knowledge and experience. Reading magazines on a regular basis and browsing gives a vast information of the modern world. Social media is a major source for everyone to know about anything that is going on currently. Following proper content takes you on the right path. But the virtual world will never surpass the live experience.

The Defining Moment

I have got to handle government projects, both state and central government projects like Sir M. Visvesvaraya Railway Terminal and Disabled Friendly Park at Bal Bhavan, Cubbon Park in Bangalore city. I have also been working with corporate NGOs along with state government in a few projects. Balancing the demands of two distinct organisations for the same project is equivalent to believing that nothing is impossible. These projects are large and esteemed. I believe that right now, these are my career’s most pivotal moments. To be continued. >>