Jayant Sachdeva
Managing Director – Credence Gate India Private Limited (Interview PART-1)

“Honesty is the key.” – Jayant Sachdeva

“I keep my word.” – Jayant Sachdeva

To know more about the people behind the beautiful industry of architecture and design, the set of question were asked to Jayant Sachdeva, the founder of leading Delhi/Bangalore based firm Credancegate. In a freewheeling interview with best creators, he has graced us with his valuable knowledge by sharing highlights of his professional journey.  As an expert in the field of Architecture & Interior Design Industry, he shared some of his philosophy and the challenges that he faced in project design and execution.  He was associated with Credancegate since 2012.

Jayant comes from an engineering background with the knowledge of management skills acquired during post-graduation in Project Engineering Management and this initiated him to lead at Credancegate.  As we exchanged ideas, he shared some of the tips for the aspiring architects, contractors and vendors to become more successful in the field of designing. He shared his life story so passionately that inspired us a lot.

Journey so far
The decision to take the entrepreneurial plunge was not an overnight one, but it grew from the need to fulfil the underlying gap in the industry while working for some of the top MNCs as the Asia pacific project engineer. It was little surprising to see that the operations in the industry were not up to the mark and dealt with no professionalism leading to clients not being able to trust them. This was the emergence of Credancegate, which simply means secure hands for shaping the future.  A tremendous growth has been seen in the industry over last 18 years.
Philosophy as an expert in the field of design
At Credencegate, while practicing the highest levels of business ethics, wherein delivering what we commit has become the driving force for us as an organization. All the requirement for designing and building is provided the corporate, commercial, residential, hospitality, and institutional interiors always on-time without any escalation in the cost.

The inception of Credencegate in 2012 was to ensure reliability to its mighty clients making us the one-stop solution for all interior needs. There should an adoption of best practices and processes with modern machinery and technology to produce and deliver ready-to-fit on-site products and components.

When asked about the factors he has implemented in his professional life which impacted the organization and clients, he replied with enthusiasm that he took upon the responsibility of revolutionizing the age-old set-up of the industry with a modern approach by working shoulder to shoulder with the team as a team player not just as a boss

Always be honest with your work
Be honest with your work and always respect the time of the client, as their satisfaction project after project is all that matters. In every execution, we get something to learn which helps us to grow with each successful project. Each commitment is very crucial and each project that we handle should be the best one.

One should always deliver quality over quantity and never compromise with the promises made with the clients. We wish to reshape the industry into a stronger one by winning the confidence of our clients with a transparent mechanism built on trust.

Fulfilment of commitments should be the priority
Being honest with your work and fulfilling all your commitments should always be the priority. Each client should mean the most, and one should value the trust bestowed on us.

Fulfil commitment for our clients ensures a firmer bond of trust over time making us their first choice when they think of building a new project. Maintaining the streak of reliance on customers will let them to find their way back to us for the next project. Nothing feels better than seeing the clients love the end product and can’t stop sharing their happiness with others. Each word of appreciation is helpful for organizations as it enables us to grow exponentially.

Challenges faced
Communication gap between the teams and the budget allotment by the clients is one of the top challenges. Cost is something that draws each project in its way, and every client looks up to us in making their dreams come true within the budget allotted to us.  Most of the budget laid down is laid down by the clients, and to make things smoother there is a need to follow a set of SOPs wherein a questionnaire is shared with the clients that help to frame their requirements.

This time-saving practice plays a crucial role to overcome issues arising in the execution of a project. So, both the parties should be on the same page in terms of design or budget with the documentation of each step. The project is not about just spending the most but it is about making the most, be it the quality raw material or skilled labour.

On time delivery with quality material is the priority for the clients
Major business comes from the corporate world that works on the credential of an organization and creative flare of innovating new things. Credencegate adheres to inventive designs with no culture of being repetitive and monotonous.’

The team does in-depth research for each new client that offer a better perspective to formulate the best tailor-made practices for them. Timely delivery with quality materials would surely let the clients to come back to us with new projects.

Love for travelling helped to curate new designs and innovations
Jayant said that, his love for travelling along with the desire to explore new places and build strong associations has helped him curate new innovative designs. Each new place that he visits help him adorn new perspectives in life, channelizing the energy to build something unique. All he wants is to be surrounded with the right kind of surroundings.

Jayant is an inquisitive learner myself who loves to stay updated on the game-changing advancements in the world of technology.  The introduction of AI has brought in a wave of changes as there is no requirement of even a remote to operate the devices as just a verbal command can do it all. So, there need to stay in power with technological advancements to provide the best and most efficient product to our valued customers. To be continued. >>