Sharmila Lakshman

Associate Design, M Moser Associates 

Sharmila Lakshman, expert in the field of architecture and design. Her experiences in the industry have been condensed in this blog, in an attempt to impart wisdom and learning to the entire fraternity.

Sharmila began with an emphasis on the functionality of design. Her deep insights revealed a lot about the way a designer’s mind works. She introduced aesthetics as a fundamental, yet functionality as the core of architecture. With immense experience in creating corporate environments, recreational areas, institutional architecture and more, her 16 years were a pivotal aspect of her journey in architecture.

Ar Gurkiran Sanga

Principal Architect | Former Head Design-Space Matrix Design Consultants Pvt Ltd, Bangalore

In this industry, professionals have experienced the industry in a big way. At times, their experiences aren’t traveling to others in the industry that can solve many problems that many people face. Best Creators was born with the intention to bring in the best creators, architects, builders, turnkey contractors, designers, and suppliers to share their experiences, philosophies, and challenges that have helped them grow in the industry.

The following extract is from the Best Creators interview with Gurkiran Sanga, an experienced architect with a world of wisdom to share. Her powerful insights were very valuable to the discourse of the expectations in the industry and how strong values are the guiding force in any person’s life. We were thrilled to record her responses as she offered advice that is beneficial for the entire fraternity. Clearly, we saw the leader that has spearheaded numerous projects with her strong values and philosophies.

Pratima Chawla

Senior Projects Director at Innovatione India Projects LLP 

Pratima Chawla, a Former leading Interior Designer from Aeon, who has devoted more than 18 years of her designing and creative career to the pursuit of fine architecture. Her humble and kind spirit is a powerful force, a clear reflection of the many milestones that she has achieved as an Interior Designer and as a person.

As the Best Creators asked her about her experiences, she was enthusiastic about sharing clean-cut, precise, and insightful wisdom for the entire fraternity to benefit from. Having dedicated the last 6 and half years to Aeon, her firm, she also spoke about the many organizations that have helped shape her views about the industry. She attributes her successes to definitive mentorship and the fortune of having worked with great people in the industry. Her dynamic character is truly an inspiration for us, with her summing up the industry in simplified and easily understandable terms.

Poonamchand Suthar

Managing Director of Theme Designer Studio

Poonamchand Suthar is a managing director of architecture and interior firm “Theme Designer Studio” and has over 28 years of experience in the field of design and architecture, in a freewheeling interview with Best Creators, he shared highlights of his professional journey and his mantra for success. He also offered practical insights, incisive ideas and actionable pointers that serve as a toolkit while designing solutions for clients’ requirements.

He worked with them for 25 years and 15 years back he ventured into his dream which was a design Studio – called “Theme Design Studio”. Initially, it was a very small boutique Studio which offers only interior design services. Today he has a team of 25 people and a full setup and now he is the full-time director of his dream project “theme design studio”.

Sathya Madhavan

Associate Architect at DWP Interics

The following extract is from the Best Creators interview with Sathya Madhavan, an associate architect in architecture. As we explore the experiences and learnings of the industry, we take to the pioneering forces in the world of architecture and design. The expert reveals powerful ideas that fuel the progression of modern architecture to the forefront of innovative technologies and best practices.

Sathya is a leader in interior design, especially workplace interior design, and has over 16 years of experience, working in the industry as a designer.